Gratton Limited

Serving Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 30 years

Concrete demolition Worker removing concrete Worker cutting concrete

We have the tools to take down your concrete

Let us remove your unwanted concrete structures safely and professionally. You will always get experienced workers, specially trained for concrete sawing, drilling, breaking, and removal.  

 •  Multiple cracks

 •  Frost heave

 •  Settled or sunken concrete

 •  Excessive age

 •  Structural concrete issues

 •  Removal of existing structure before new construction

 •  Interior trenching and excavating

Concrete demolition services

When you hire us, you can be sure that we will come to the job completely prepared to take on an entire concrete job. Small and large jobs will receive the same care.  


We make sure to only demolish the damaged or unwanted  sections of your property. There is no need for a complete demolition, unless you request it.

We strategically remove your concrete

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Remove damaged concrete slabs, footings, poured wall, or foundations.